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Michael Wagner

As a 25-year resident, I am hoping to continue the tradition of success the El Segundo School Board has established in our community, ensuring a quality and dynamic education for the students attending our schools. My 24-year experience as a professional educator in administration, teaching and coaching provide a unique background in understanding the many issues faced by our district.

The Training & Experience to help ESUSD Students Grow


Juris Doctor, Civil Rights

I obtained a Juris Doctor in Civil Rights at Loyola Law School.


Bachelor, Law & Diversity

I received my Masters of Science in Education at Mount Saint Mary’s College and Bachelor of Arts in Law & Diversity at Western Washington University.


24-year Educator

My 24-year experience as a professional educator in administration, teaching and coaching provide a unique background in understanding the many issues faced by our district.


a Student-first BIAS

I feel our role as Board Members is to ensure the highest quality educational opportunities for the students through policy.

We do this by hearing our community and district stakeholders. An open dialogue ensures that we are representing all stakeholder needs, aspects in evaluating platforms, questioning rationales, and ensuring programming quality. While doing this we need to be understanding of the complex legal and professional requirements on administrators, teachers, and students in this process and supporting their roles.

As a School Board Member being able to consider all stakeholder aspects is not a simple process but I think necessary in determining the consensus and giving the resources to the administrators and teachers in moving forward on those policies.


My Mission

Ensuring the highest quality and most dynamic education to our students in El Segundo Unified School District.


My Vision

My vision as a board member is to hear the stakeholder consensus and take a pragmatic approach to the issues, pushing policy that our community wants and needs for our students.

School Experience

Six roles held in schools

My 24-year experience as a professional educator in administration, teaching and coaching provide a unique background in understanding the many issues faced by our district

Principal & Assistance Principal

As a former Administrator my experience running schools from a district and school site level give me a unique understanding of the fiscal process and resource allocations in the operations of a school community. I hope I can bring this experience to ensure a pragmatic approach to all aspects of schools including the curriculum, teaching pedagogy, student life, and community involvement. Having this type of experience can offer the board a different perspective on how we approach the many issues we will face in the coming years as a school community.

Dean of Students

As a Dean I was tasked with working with our most impacted students, facing obstacles that would have defeated most individuals. Creating an environment and culture that is socially appropriate, physically safe, and mentally stimulating for students, ensures an environment where they want to attend, participate, and achieve. In my role, it was important to me that our school community of teachers, students, and staff knew they were safe and secure to focus on their education and learning.

Athletic Director & Coach

Being well-rounded as a student is a critical part of the educational process. Offering curricular electives and extra-curricular electives is an essential part of a student’s process. Study after study indicates that students that are participating in additional programming in schools outside of the classroom do much better than students that do not. Being able to guide the resources to ensure this type of quality programming for students was something that was both important to the culture of the school and the individual students at the school sites. It is why I continue to coach at Richmond and the High School, to have the opportunity to impact students in our district.


Teaching is a vocation. A calling to serve others and our duty is to ensure that we are encouraging and developing our students in their character and critical thinking. Our job isn’t to influence their choices in becoming who they want to be or what they want to pursue in higher education or as a vocation, but to give them tools to maneuver their own process successfully, be outstanding citizens, and to become life-long learners.

St. Monica H.S.

I began my career as a government and economics teacher in 1996. I became a teacher with a special assignment as the Athletic Director while at St. Monica High School in Santa Monica, CA.

Junipero Serra H.S.

As an Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, and Principal, our team successfully implemented programming that gained national recognition in academics and athletics for the students.

Locke H.S.

In 2012, I became an Assistant Principal, Dean of Students at Locke High School in Watts. Directly tasked with student services, I was asked to reform suspension policies to ensure restorative justice guidelines and create alternative programming for in-school suspensions.


In 2014, I began teaching in PVPUSD as a special education service provider in Adapted Physical Education where I am currently employed. I have always deemed our profession of teaching as a vocation and hope that my experience can help direct the future of the ESUSD School Board.

El Segundo Unified School District

Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to serve as a football and lacrosse coach at the high school. I am honored that I am allowed to be a part of such a legacy of athletic tradition at the high school. It has always been a rallying point for the school and community to meet and being a small part and having the opportunity to impact student-athletes is a tremendous commitment and responsibility. I am so grateful for the strong administrative support and influence this carries into our student’s lives.

As an Adapted Physical Education Provider, I have had the opportunity to serve the special needs students during extended school year sessions. To continue their instruction and ensure the continuity for these students is essential to maintaining their programming. I am lucky to be able to serve these students in our district and to be a small part of their process during the summer months.

Michael Wagner has the training & experience to improve ESUSD education for our students.

Years' EDU experience

Years' of schooling

Roles Within Schools Held

ESUSD Parents!

four kids raised in ESUSD

As parents, my wife Sylvia and I are extremely grateful for the school district, the community, and families. The success of our children in their own educational process is a direct reflection of the many hard-working administrators, teachers, and parent volunteers. Miguel (M.I.T c/o 19), Elena (Santa Clara University c/o 20), Joaquin (ESMS), and Cruz (Richmond) all continue to reap the opportunities and rewards of such an amazing school district. I hope to contribute my knowledge and experience in keeping the legacy of the ESUSD School Board for the future.

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